AZParrots Terms, Conditions and Explanations

Please read the information below very carefully before you decide to purchase a Baby Parrot.

We want satisfied Customers but having happy, safe homes for our Babies is our foremost goal.

AVAILABLE PARROTS: We have baby parrots available throughout the year. We will provide photos and descriptions of the baby you are considering upon request.

BABY AZPARROTS tm: We offer quality baby parrots raised by our family, for your family, with personal attention and care. We bring our babies in from their parents at ages between 2 ½ weeks old to 3 weeks old; about the time a babies eyes begin to open. We want babies to be with their parents for as long as possible as this give the babies a much healthier, secure start in life.

Babies are weighed and toes, beaks, etc inspected just like little human babies at the hospital and then snuggly tucked into their own little “beds” and placed in a brooder for quiet, warm sleep as close to what Mom provided as is humanly possible.

Babies sleep in their little baby “beds” with other babies from their clutch, and close to other babies their age and size for comfort and company. As our babies develop and grow they interact and socialize with our family and at least one parrot buddy snuggled in with him or in a “bed” next to him or her for company. During the entire time of featherless babyhood our babies are housed in their own bio secure nursery with separate climate controlled conditions especially selected for their health, growth and comfort.

As babies mature and develop feathers they are removed from their brooder cocoons and enjoy the extra space and stimulation of “playpens”. These are large tubs selectively sized for their needs and temperament. Babies’ feet are supported on Care Fresh to help them develop good foot griping ability and to prevent baby from access to their own droppings.  Foot toys are introduced at this time to encourage baby to use his/her foot to grip and his beak to explore.

Babies require a lot of attention and care to develop into well socialized companions. We love this time of their lives when all their little feathers are popping out. Having a nursery clustered with big-eyed little “fuzz heads” just melts our hearts.

Feeding time is a happy time with stimulation before and after eating. All babies are removed from their beds and playpens for their hand feeding.

We believe in comfort feeding and feeding as long as a baby wants to be fed. As close as is natural, to us is always best. In the wild a baby bird may ask its’ parent to comfort them with a snack for as long as a year. We suggest to their new families that they give baby warm comfort foods such as oatmeal or weaning pellets softened with warm natural apple sauce if baby shows any signs of needing reassurance. Parrots are flocking animals and eating with their families (flock) is an important bond for them. We suggest sharing at least one meal a day with your pet parrot.

As our babies get old enough to walk around and explore, several babies will be put together during the day with toys, giving everyone a chance to get to know “birds of another feather”. We consider this helpful in preparing our babies to adapt to life in a multi-parrot household.

When our babies begin to climb up on the sides of their play pens and perch on the edge, it is graduation time. Nursery cages sized to accommodate happy flapping wings and a playmate similar in size and age are selected. At first all their perches are placed close to the bottom of the cage and blankets cover 2/3 of the bottom. Babies need to learn to walk on wire so their droppings will fall thru and their feet won’t get flat. Wire is hard and their little feet are tender, so we give them time to learn to climb onto a perch before removing the blankets. This is a busy time trying to keep little feet clean and help them learn to perch confidentially.

Because perching requires strengthen the muscles of their foot and learning to use their feet in a new way, we do not trim babies’ nails. Regardless of what their nails do to our hands and arms when they cling to us as a perch, babies need the extra “barb” on the tips of their nails to steady themselves during the adventure of climbing and exploring. 

Producing confident, mentally and physically healthy baby parrots is our primary goal. It is a beautiful sight to see babies flying, exploring new toys and learning to enjoy the world. We don’t restrict babies by trimming wing feathers or nails before the baby is completely confident. It would make fledging a lot easier on us if we did trim but we believe it is detrimental to the babies emotion well being. Our goal is to give our babies as close to a natural start in life as we can provide.

All of our babies fly until they go to their new families. We want them to learn to fly confidentially before we will agree to trim their wing feathers, one by one. It take patience and attention to help them to learn to fly without crashing but they need to be allowed to fly just like a child needs to walk. Just as crawling and walking helps a child’s brain develop, flying develops the area of the birds’ brain that controls reasoning and decision making. A bird that has developed naturally is far less likely to become an insecure adult bird.  It is a small sacrifice to create ways to give them opportunities to fly for the lifetime advantage it gives to our parrot babies and the people with whom they will share their lives.

WHY BUY FROM AZParrots tm: We have been raising healthy, happy parrots since the early 80’s. Our experience with parrots has taught us what the individual species we raise need as babies to develop into happy health companion adult birds.

We will not just “sell” you a parrot because we happen to have it available. Our concern is making the right match for you and your new friend. We will recommend a species according to your life style and other factors gleaned from our communications whether we have that particular parrot or not. We will refer you to another breeder we trust if we know of one that has the species we have discussed and we don’t. 

We know it is our responsibility to find our parrot babies the right home with the right circumstances. We will not sell a parrot if we have any doubts about the ability of the buyer or the conditions in which our parrots will be cared for. Selling our parrots is not our first priority; whether baby or adult, parrots will always sell. Our priority is finding the right home for our parrots with a person who is suited to that particular parrot and can give it the care a parrot deserves.

RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY: Research your decision. All animals take time, patience and understanding. Just because parrots can be put in a cage does not mean that parrots are low maintenance or that living in a cage is optimal. If you cannot provide for the care and health of a parrot do not buy one.

Parrots are thinking, reasoning, feeling, sensitive, intuitive, living beings that will become a part of your home, love, and life for years to come.  Parrots, like people, have different personalities, but the species have similarities that you can research. Learn which species have the attributes that appeal to you and your family before making a decision.

Please be sure that your new family member will be welcomed by all in your household. Don’t give a parrot as a gift unless the person you are buying for has researched and knows they are ready for the responsibility of a particular species. We want happy Customers but more importantly, we want happy Parrots.

guarantee: Our guarantee is a contract with you. We are proud of our babies and know their quality and the care that we took raising them. By purchasing a parrot from us you agree to accept responsibility for your baby and your decision, and we agree to help you make the best choice possible. You agree to our guarantee as stated.  We reserve the right to refuse a purchase or cancel a purchase and refund the customer if we feel by selling our baby it threatens the well-being of the baby. This does not indicate a reflection on the buyer; it may be that we realized the match was not right or the baby is not suited to your expectations.

Our baby parrots are guaranteed to be interested in life, thriving, behaving normally, and in good health when leaving our facilities. Babies come to you with a 3 day guarantee. Because we have no control over what happens to the baby after it leaves our care we have to put a 3 day limit on our guarantee.

Our babies have been raised in a bio-secure environment. They have not been exposure to illnesses. If you have other pet birds your baby should not be exposed to them immediately. Baby bird’s immune systems are still being developed. Baby birds should not be taken places where others with birds have visited until baby is a year old.

We recommend giving your baby parrot several days to rest and adjust to their new environment before introducing them to additional stimuli like other pets, extended family and friends. Read Baby Care in our text files for a clearer understanding of what I mean.

Veterinarian Visits: This is always difficult to explain. We do not recommend exposing a healthy baby bird to the illnesses in a Veterinarian office. If you are concerned about your babies' health, schedule your appointment with an Avian Veterinarian on the 3rd day after receiving your baby. This should give your baby time to adjust to the changes, rehydrate, eat and rest. It is critically importantt that your baby feel safe and secure with you before enduring additional stress. Please read BABY CARE for an understanding of our position.

A well bird check up may include blood work. Blood work will most likely show a higher than normal white cell count. This is normal in birds when stressed. Your vet will explain this to you. We understand the results of blood work will take longer than this time frame to receive; it is the visit that is required, if you desire, within the 3 day time frame.

In the unprecedented event that a preexisting untreatable disease is determined we must be contacted immediately. We will give you a refund or replace your baby after our vet confirms the findings and the bird is returned. Not ever having this situation we are following standard procedure.

Parrots of all ages should be eating, drinking and have normal bowel movements within 24 hours of arrival. If you are concerned, call or email us. In the event that you can't reach us, or have an emergency, call your Avian Veterinarian immediately and take their advice. Never risk the health of your parrot.  Please observe and monitor your baby parrot. Never take a chance.

All sales are final.

Contract/Terms For AZParrots Parrots Purchase

Terms of this Agreement:

By purchasing a parrot or parrots* the Buyer agrees to take full responsibility and ownership and understands that all responsibility for the health, well-being, actions and care of the parrot are the responsibility of the Buyer and  researching and abiding by State and Local Laws governing ownership of the species is the responsibility of the Buyer .

AZParrots shall not be held responsible for any subsequent illness, death or damage that might occur to the parrot once the sale is complete* other than stated in the guarantee. The parrot may not be returned to AZParrots for any reason other than what is stated in the guarantee. All sales are “as is” and final. Once delivered, no returns or refunds are possible.

The Buyer agrees that AZParrots has discussed the handling and care of their parrots to the best of their ability and AZParrots holds no responsibility for the actions of the parrot in the buyers care as behavior can be anticipated but not predicted. The buyer agrees to educate themselves with the guidance to own a parrot. AZParrots will advise as much as is practical.

*When all monies have been paid to AZParrots and parrot is received by buyer.

SHIPPING: AZParrots sends parrots across the continental USA and to Puerto Rico on Major Airlines that accept animals. Parrots travel in pressurized compartments and breathe the same air that the flight crew and passengers do.

The details of your babies travel will be provided before the shipping. We recommend contacting your local cargo facility before the day of arrival. They can tell you what the anticipated wait time will be and give you instruction as to their location.

All parrots must be paid for in full before shipping.  Postal Money Orders through the mail are the safest and most and secure means of sending payment for both the buyer and the seller. Wire transfers are accepted and are immediate the next business day.  We just recently began accepting Pay Pal in some circumstances as long as the fees are not passed on to us. We also accept personal checks but require time for them to clear before shipping.

LOCAL PICK UP: Final payment must have cleared before you baby parrot can leave our care. To insure there are no delays we do accept cash which will be noted on your receipt.

PAYMENTS & PRICES:Your deposit reserves the baby of your choice. A deposit is taken to insure a baby has a home prepared and ready to receive him, or her, when baby is ready to leave our care. Understandably, to provide our babies with as much security as possible, deposits are not refundable unless the baby you reserved is not available
Sadly, due to the actions of a few less responsible buyers over the years, we have to add the following statement.

We reserve the option to charge boarding fees if a baby is left in our care past the agreed time of babies availability. Additionally, a bird left 3 weeks past the agreed time of readiness, without an exception agreed to in writing, the bird and any monies connected to the purchase of the bird are considered abandoned. All rights to either are then relinquished and become the property of AZParrots.

Call or email for current prices of our baby parrots.

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