AZParrots Breeder Parrot Terms,

Conditions and Contract

Please read the information below very carefully before you decide to purchase a Parrot.

We want satisfied Customers but having happy, safe homes for our Birds is our foremost goal.

AVAILABLE PARROTS: We have Breeder Parrots available throughout the year. We will provide photos and descriptions of the particular parrot about which you are inquiring upon request.

WHY WE SELL BREEDER BIRDS: AZParrots was established by requests from our local breeder parrot community to serve as an agent for breeders who loved their feathered friends but through various circumstances had to let them go. Most of the breeders we knew were getting on in years; some died and left parrots to children that could not care for them, other breeders had health issues that prevented them giving the care to their flock that they once did. In some cases breeders just wanted to change focus from one species to another and had to let their parrots go to have cage space for the new comers.

In any case, there were needs to find new homes for beloved parrots and no one who really seemed to put the parrot’s needs first. Many of us old time breeders were alarmed when brokers who knew nothing about parrots except dollar signs started buying collections and warehousing parrots as if they were furniture. We formed AZParrots to give our beloved Feathered Captives and their Human Caretakers a safer, kinder way to find new homes without risking the bird’s lives, health, or safety.

All birds from AZParrots come to you directly from their owners and are never exposed to birds from other aviaries or to the stress of being “stored” by a third party while awaiting new homes. AZParrots ™ only represent breeder’s parrots that we know and trust.

WHY BUY FROM AZParrots: Breeders who care about how parrots are treated buy from AZParrots. AZParrots has a long standing clientele for whom we locate particular species of birds. Breeders who want to buy from an experience, hands on breeder buy from AZParrots. Breeders, who are looking for quality parrots at reasonable prices from someone they know has been locating and finding new homes for parrots successfully, buy from AZParrots.

We personally go thru the same disappointments and joys raising parrots that you experience. We have been raising baby parrots for sale since the early 80’s and have a closed, thriving aviary. We value all birds and pray that those to whom we sell parrots value them as well.

RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY: Research your decision. We will share our collective 30 years plus of experience with you openly. We want you to have a good experience and will do what is possible to help that happen but you must be practical. Expectations of the ideal situation will bring disappointment. All animals take time, patience and understanding. Putting two parrots in a cage may never bring results. Prepare yourself for work, disappointments, pleasure and excitement. And, if you can not provide for the care and health of a parrot(s) do not buy one.

Parrots are more like humans than any animal you are likely to have. They are opinionated; they love to be with their families, they think, reason, scheme, destroy, create, delight you, and irritate you all at the same time. Parrots are very smart. You can not trick them into breeding or raising babies. The best you can do is providing for them; give them what they need to feel comfortable and hope for the best.

Realistically no one can guarantee that birds will produce but we will tell you honestly if they have produced and in what environment. Often parrots that have never produced for one breeder begin producing when moved and just as often the opposite happens. Setting up parrots to breed should be viewed as a hobby or a gamble, not an investment. If you do well, consider yourself blessed. If you don’t do so well, view your time with your parrots as a gift, enjoy their beauty and uniqueness and go forward to other things.

IDENTIFICATION: Parrots, like people have different personalities but the species have similarities that you can research. We suggest that you learn which species appeals to you and concentrate on that species.

Within most species of parrots there are subspecies. The identification of the particular subspecies you are looking for is up to you to clarify and identify from the pictures we will send. AZParrots cannot be responsible or accountable for a quirk in your selection or a misidentification of a subspecies as we are not ornithologists. We are experienced breeders and will offer our own opinion and that of experts with specific species with whom we consult, but the final determination is the buyers.  Parrots are not furniture, they are not returnable, and so it is extremely important that the buyer does whatever he feels necessary to make this decision before the shipment of the parrot.

Within the identification of subspecies there may be factors that are not visible, identity that is not evident. Crosses of subspecies within the species has been prevalent throughout the years of captive breeding and the young breeder birds of today may well be a cross within their own subspecies without it being obvious. The pair may also consist of two different subspecies or one of the parrots may have a more or less pure blood line than the other. If this is evident the buyer will be informed, however, it is up to the buyer to make his or her specifications clear. If absolutely purity is desired it is suggested that the buyer become the expert and only buy that which he has identified as pure by his own standards and personal inspection.

Hybrids are not the same as crosses; they are two different species that have been bred to create an entirely new species. Whenever hybrids are offered they are clearly identified as such. And yes, they can and do reproduce.

guarantee: We want happy Customers and happy Breeder Parrots but we can only do our best, the rest is up to nature and YOU.

Our guarantee is intended to protect our birds first, and you and I second. We want you, the buyer to be informed and realistic in your expectations. By purchasing a parrot or parrots you agree to accept our guarantee as stated.  Our guarantee is a binding contract with you. We prefer to sell to experienced breeders; if it becomes evident that the buyer is not experienced and /or has unrealistic expectations we will refuse the sale or cancel the purchase and refund the buyer. We are not obligated to complete a sale, and we will not if the safety of the birds is in question.

Breeder Parrots are inspected the evening before shipment. We will not ship a parrot if we detect any sign of illness or egg production. The parrot(s) is then photographed and prepared for the next morning’s early shipping.  Being caught and removed from their safe environment and then placed on an airplane or even in your car is stressful on the parrots. Their comfort and safety is our first consideration.

Parrots are in their shipping boxes for hours, they can not get away from their droppings. Their feathers will touch the sides of the carriers and they may look like worn out travelers and possibly even smell when you receive them. We recommend giving your parrot(s) at least 24 hours rest with lots of fresh water and food with as little stimulation as possible.

Parrots are sensitive. Please welcome them warmly and make them feel safe in your care. If there is a problem call or email me but please do not discuss it around them. Let them adjust to their new environment quietly before introducing them to additional stimuli or before forming opinions.

Parrots should be eating, drinking and have normal bowel movements within hours of arrival. An adult hen that is not doing these things may be in distress and possibly egg bound. Call your vet.

Please observe and monitor your parrot(s). Never take a chance. If you are concerned at all err on the side of caution and call your Avian Veterinary and take their advice. We can not help you long distance, call your vet, and never risk the health of your parrot.   

All parrots are guaranteed to be free of any preexisting untreatable disease. Shipping is stressful and the white blood cell count will be high. This is normal as your Avian Veterinarian will tell you. A well bird health check up by an Avian Veterinarian needs to take place within 3 days of purchase for adult breeding parrots. We understand the results of blood work will take longer to receive; it is the visit that is required within the time frame. In the unprecedented event that a preexisting untreatable disease is determined we will give you a refund or replace the parrot(s) after our vet confirms your vet’s findings.

Many Breeder birds are not cosmetically perfect. This is generally understood and accepted by experienced breeders. Feather condition changes during breeding and can change overnight.  Cosmetic imperfections in breeder birds are common and are not an impairment to breeding.  

We strive for full disclosure and will send pictures for your inspection. We will observe the parrot(s) as best we can to disclose all information concerning the condition of the parrot(s) before the purchase.  Sometimes it is difficult to detect smaller details on breeder birds as they resist being inspected.  We may not notice a toe nail missing but we notify you of a foot or beak irregularity and describe clearly their feather condition.

All sales are final and every Customer MUST agree to our terms and sign our contract at the time of sale. Online Customers automatically agree to the terms of the contract by making their purchase.  A receipt of payment with the purchase and guarantee be emailed the day payment is received.

Contract/Terms For AZParrots Parrots Purchase

Terms of this Agreement:

By purchasing a parrot or parrots* the Buyer agrees to take full responsibility and ownership and understands that all responsibility for the health, well-being, actions and care of the parrot(s) are the responsibility of the Buyer and  researching and abiding by State and Local Laws governing ownership is the responsibility of the Buyer .

AZParrots shall not be held responsible for any subsequent illness, death or damage that might occur to the parrot once the sale is complete* other than stated in the guarantee. The parrot may not be returned to AZParrots for any reason other than what is stated in the guarantee. All sales are “as is” and final. Once delivered, no returns or refunds are possible without the agreement of AZParrots.

The Buyer agrees that AZParrots has discussed the handling and care of the parrots purchased to the best of their ability and AZParrots holds no responsibility for the actions of the parrot in the buyers care as behavior can be anticipated but not predicted. The buyer agrees to educate themselves and does not hold AZParrots responsible for any advice.

*When all monies have been paid to AZParrots and parrot is received by buyer.

Accepted _____________________

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: AZParrots sends parrots across the continental USA and to Puerto Rico on all Major Airlines that accept animals. Parrots and other animals travel in pressurized compartments and breathe the same air that the flight crew and passengers breathe.

Shipping costs are determined by the airline according to the size/weight of the shipment. The location of your airport or the distance traveled does not affect the fee.  The airline and the flight with the least amount of time in the carrier will be the one we choose. Airlines charge between 89.00 and 110.00 for a single parrot and up to 178.00 for multiple carriers. 

Airline charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Parrots will be sent C.O.D. for the airline charges whenever possible to insure that you pay only the exact amount charged by the airlines. AZParrots does not benefit in any way from the shipping charges by the airlines which will be clearly printed on your bill of laden when you receive your parrot.

You will receive your parrot(s) the afternoon or evening of the morning we ship unless there is an exception and we ship overnight. In that event your parrot(s) arrives in the early morning. You will pick up your parrot(s) at the nearest major airport, usually at the cargo facility. All of the details for pick up with local phone numbers will be provided before the actual shipping day. We recommend contacting your local cargo facility using the number we provide and letting them know you are expecting a parrot(s). They will tell you what the wait time will be and give you instruction as to their location.

The size and price of the carrier(s) is determined by the size and species of the parrot(s) being shipped.

PRICES/PAYMENTS:  Prices for breeder parrots are based on the assessment of what the parrots are worth and are subjective; trades or discounts may be considered on an individual bases.

Parrots must be paid for in full before shipping.  Postal Money Orders through the mail are safe and secure for both of us and we do not wait for them to clear, they are treated as cash. Wire transfers are accepted and are immediate the next business day.  We do accept personal checks but they delay shipment 10 business days while they clear. Cash is appreciated for local sales.

Deposits: As it is in the best interest of all parties involved to deliver the parrots in a timely fashion. We have no policy concerning deposits on breeder birds as the purpose of selling the birds is to move them, not store them. 

Down Payments: A down payment to hold birds for a short period may be accepted on an individual bases.  The decision as to the length of time the birds are to be held will be determined by the owner of the birds, but not usually exceeding 2 weeks. The down payment will be given to the owner of the birds and the birds will be held from sale to other potential buyers for the agreed upon length of time.

In the event the buyer does not complete the purchase in the time frame agreed upon the decision to refund the down payment rests entirely with the owner of the birds to whom the payment was made. AZParrots shall not be held responsible for decisions between the buyer and the owner as AZParrots acts only as an agent for the owner and is not the depository of the funds.

LOCAL PICK UP AND DELIVERY: We enjoy meeting other parrot enthusiasts and local pick up by appointment is possible in some cases. In most cases the birds will be brought from the quarantine area to you as visitors are not allowed in the breeder area for various understandable reasons.

Consideration to the needs of the birds must be paramount. Traveling by land with breeder parrots for more than 3 hours is not recommended as this is usually more stressful for the birds than travel by air.

Naturally all parrots must be paid for before taking possession. Whether picking up your parrot(s) locally or having them delivered, cash is appreciated. Postal Money Orders are the only other form of payment accepted unless you are a repeat buyer.