From Hyacinths to Hawk Heads, from Capes to Eclectus, we have a varied collection of parrots ranging from the smallest Caiques to the larger Macaws; we are thrilled to be able to share our lives with some of the more endangered of the parrot species and the many of the most sought after companion parrots.  


In the early 70’s Gerry was breeding and showing Arabian Horses and raising birds as a hobby as Kennedy’s Aviaries. By the late 80’s the horses were gone and the aviaries and birds more than filled the void they left.

Gerry and I met when I came to see his Rose Breasted Cockatoo named Hoppie. Our love for birds is what brought us together and our passion for birds is what has guided our lives together. It did not seem like much of a sacrifice to give up some of the extra pleasures of life like a dishwasher, movies, or dinner out to save money to buy more wonderful pairs of parrots.

Soon we were blessed with little bird baby voices and sweet little feathered faces.  We wanted to keep them all! We had to agree eventually that it wasn’t fair to keep all the babies for ourselves; babies thrive with their own special someone to adore them and care for them.

At first the slight monetary gain from selling our precious babies put very little dent in the cost of food and shelter for the birds, but as bird lovers you know that every little bit helps. We used the income to …you guessed it, buy more birds.

Our collective love of birds and Gerry’s undying devotion to their care gave us the courage to take Gerry’s hobby more seriously. Our collection grew and our reputation for having sweet babies brought in wonderful families for our babies. We decided to take the risk and “retired” from our “normal” careers to concentrate our energies on our beloved birds.

Our Babies

Gerry absolutely loves raising and hand feeding our baby parrots and taking care of their parents. Our babies are fed by their parents for the first 2 ½ to 3 weeks of life, with few exceptions. The digestive juices from the parents gives the babies a better start than we can humanly recreate. We believe it is important for a baby to be with its’ parent and be touched, cooed to and made to feel secure and loved as long as possible. We try to recreate that endearing beginning for our baby parrots with warm food, lots of cuddles and hugs, and attention from Gerry, me, and our bird nannies. 

Once out of their brooders and into the juvenile room the babies play with other species of birds, so they are equipped to do well in families with more than one bird. Even though it is very difficult to keep up with all of our babies that fly, we DO NOT trim wing feathers until the baby is a confident flyer. We also don’t trim nails until babies perch confidently.

We get an immense amount of pleasure from our babies. When that little baby lights up your eyes we know our work is accomplished and we feel satisfied.


I established AZParrots Breeder Program to protect birds. I witnessed some horrible conditions that helpless birds were enduring being purchased at discounts and housed in facilities where the care was for profit and not of the birds.

Having many good friends in the Bird Community we were increasingly approached to help find appropriate buyers for the breeder birds our friends have loved and cared for from their closed aviaries. When our friends retired or had other life altering circumstances it comforted them to know that another breeder would find a good home for their birds, and that they would be fairly compensated.

This gave bird breeders an option other than selling at a discount and the comfort of knowing that their birds would NOT be warehoused and often neglected until a buyer was found. I was thrilled to represent these wonderful birds that I knew were good, healthy birds, from people that I knew and trusted. It was just the incentive I needed to establish AZParrots and give it my full time attention. Now I have the satisfaction of finding homes for breeder birds from all over the United States as I’ve come to know so many respected breeders nation wide.

These are the quality breeders that you will find listed on our website as time allows. Or the ones we tell you about when you call or email. Many come from local “Closed” Aviaries. Others are the beloved birds of trusted friends in other states, but all come directly to you from the care of their owners.

The birds I represent are kept in their owners facilities until I can locate a good home for them. It is of the utmost importance that the birds I represent are lovingly cared for, fed, housed, and sheltered in their original environment by knowledgeable bird people until you, the buyer, is ready to receive them into your aviary.  I pass along all of the information I have concerning their productivity, health, ages, food preferences, cage, and nest box specifications while keeping the breeders business private.

You will find more specific information about us, our babies, and breeders throughout our web site. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for just contact us. Our contact information is on our Front page.

Dee and Gerry Kennedy

Updated 2/15/08