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For health and safety reasons, we do not allow visitation of our breeding flock.

Conures are a diverse, loosely defined group of small to medium-sized parrots. At least that's what Wikipedia says. Within the scientific community they are usually called parakeets, but within aviculture they are referred to as conures. In either case, they make up 50 or so individual species within the larger classification of New World parrots. With proper care they can live 25 years.

Most conures, macaws, and other parrots require surgical examination, or DNA testing to determine the sex.

Cockatiels are second in popularity to the budgerigar, or budgie. They are considered the smallest members of the cockatoo family with a lifespan of 10 - 25 years. Our cockatiel breeding season runs from November to May or June depending on the heat. We no longer sell cockatiels directly to the public. All of our baby cockatiels go to Tropic Zone Exotic Bird Store. You will need to check with them directly for availability. Their number is 602-493-7387

Macaws are long tailed
neotropical parrots. There are 19 identified species, various man made hybrids, and a few that are extinct, or only found in the fossil record and considered "hypothetical species". Macaws have an average lifespan of 60 - 70 years, though there are a few documented cases of them living to be 100 or more.

A pair of Congo African Grey's joined our flock in the summer of 2020. Their lifespan is 40 - 60 years. We're hoping they produce some beautiful chicks for us.

We've added
. Breeding pair of Eclectus Parrots to our flock. We are not holding a waiting list for them as we don't expect them to breed this year.

The links to the right will take you to pictures of our breeding flock. If you don't see it listed, we don't breed it.

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